The ELDCB is a replacement carry bag for our ELD800PD family of nylon rescue ladders. It is important that your nylon ladders are protected from the damage that UV rays can create so make sure each of your ladder units are always contained and out of harms way.

 EPC60ExternalPatchCordContainer EPC60
External Patch Cord Container

Our EPC60 is a padded, hard backed pouch container that mounts to your H-60’s lower “C” pillar. It holds up to 50’ of cord and also has 2 convenient external pockets for trigger pins or small devices. They are sold in pairs for the left and right sides of your aircraft.

 CC60-3CeilingContainer CC60-3
Ceiling Container

A ceiling mounted, three compartment storage container for the H-60 aircraft. It is extremely voluminous at over 8 cubic feet of storage area. It attaches to ceiling hard points and contains 3 padded aluminum shelves. Situated between the forward jump seats, the bottom compartment is completely soft sided for use with SAT-COM equipped aircraft. It also provides top side clearance for the small stokes litter. The front of the container has an external V-knife pocket and small attachment straps for accessory mounting included. 

Ceiling Container

Another slightly smaller version is available for Homeland Security EMT aircraft also. The P/N for that unit is CC60-3HS.  

 MAB60AccessoryBag MAB60
Accessory Bag

A all purpose storage bag, it mounts to your H-60’s upper “C” pillar and it doubles as a flight data card holder with 2 pen pockets. The Velcro sealed cover flap allows for the container to expand to up to 5” deep with a height of 14.5” and a width of 10”. It also incorporates a V-knife external pocket in it’s construction. Padded aluminum front and rear panels protect you stored goods and maintain a uniform flush front. It is constructed of water and UV resistant Top Gun material for years of dependable service.

 TSB60 TSB60 – 3 & 5
Tank Mounted Storage Bag

A hard paneled, 3 or 5 pocket storage unit that mounts to your H-60’s 185 gal. aux. fuel tank. With padded panels and multiple cover closure positions, this durable product is constructed win Top Gun material and offers an enormous amount of storage space while consuming very little work space. The entire unit folds into a 24” x 24” area to facilitate storage when not in use and has a weight of 15 lbs. It’s an especially convenient addition for warm weather, open door flying and for those with large operational equipment requirements.

 SB60-185TankSideBags SB60-185
Tank Side Bags

Designed to fill the empty space between the H-60’s fuselage and 185 gal. fuel tank to store the crew sleeping bags and rations. It is a completely soft sided unit and measures 28” H x 26” W.

 lrcc60-9 LRCC60-9
Life Raft Ceiling Container / 9-Man

The LRCC60-9 mounts to your gunner seat’s ceiling attachment bars. Designed for your 9-man (T-9) accessorized life raft, it can quickly and easily deployed to the aircraft floor while sitting in either jump seat. The emergency release system incorporates a safety device to prohibit an accidental release and limit straps to control drop angle. Load rate (G’s) forward: 3, vertical: 2, transverse: 1.5, and aft: 1.5. It is powder coat black finished with the release handle in highly visible red.

 gobag1 GB01 & GB02

The GB01 and 02 Go Bags are containers for the MTX device. Both models have internal spare battery storage capabilities and spare antenna pockets. The 01 model is for ground troops while the 02 model is primarily for aircraft use.