SPIE Rig Shield
The SRS60 is a collapsible , padded aluminum paneled shielding device designed to protect your SPIE rigged drop ropes from abrasion with the aircraft. It drops into your H-60’s floor hatch and is secured into position via mounting straps attached to the aircraft’s floor rings. It is covered in durable Top Gun material giving it years of dependable service. Be sure to include your aircraft’s model when ordering.Example: for HH60-H a/c order P/N SRS60-H.
 JSS60JumpSeatLumbarSupportandCushion JSS60
Jump Seat Lumbar Support and Cushion
A popular product is our JSS60, a simple and inexpensive equipment addition to your H-60 and UH-1 fleet that helps increase your crew’s extended flight efficiency. This is achieved by  helping create a more ergonomically correct seating environment. It is constructed of sturdy marine approved material and the back rest contains a resilient, conformable aluminum padded panel to provide proper lumbar curvature. The base pad assembly can be disassembled to allow washing of it’s cover and the whole assembly’s height and length is adjustable and Velcro mounted. The unit can also be used separately if routine access is required to your jump seat’s rear storage area. Order P/N JSS60-1 for UH-1 a/c/
 PSS60InflatablePilotSeatSupport PSS60
Inflatable Pilot Seat Support
By mounting to your aircraft’s existing seat pad assembly, the PSS60 is infinitely adjustable and offers unlimited changes in the lumbar and side bolster supports through dual inflation bulbs. A smooth friction free front cover and Velcro hook rear cover combine to assure no movement of the unit while in flight. The importance of pilot comfort and support is not difficult to understand and it, like our Jump Seat Support, is an inexpensive proficiency increasing item for your squadron’s inventory.
Eye Cable
Check out our newly designed 5000 lb. rated eye cable. It mounts to the H-60’s ceiling rings, is width adjustable and is easily removable for maintenance.
 RRG60RappellingRopeGuard RRG60
Rappelling Rope Guard
The Rappelling Rope Guard protects your ropes from chafing on the floor edge of your H-60 aircraft. An aluminum channel hooks onto the lower door track and is secured via mount straps to the floor rings. A padded aluminum shield prohibits entanglement with the door handle. It is extremely durable and utilizes abrasion strips on the floor and door edges.
 GM60KG-10DisplayMount GM60
KG-10 Display Mount
To increase the mobility and safety of the flight engineers, we’ve developed a simple velcro strap attached mounting board for your KG-10 Map Display Unit. Positioned on the rear of the pilot’s seat, the rear pad reduces vibration to the map unit and creates the proper angle for viewing. The Velcro hook unit mounting straps further augment the positioning capability allowing for easier operator orientation while strapped in their jump seats.
 YB01Y-Belt YB01
The Randon Tech Y-belt. It is built to the military’s exact specifications for years of dependable service.
Jungle Penetrator
Our Jungle Penetrator is very similar to a popular older existing unit with the exception that we’ve solved it’s shortcomings and increased it’s efficiency while reducing it’s cost. It’s designed around a welded aluminum hub assembly and incorporates a stainless steel eye bolt which through the length of the hub and is fastened by a lock nut on the opposite end. The cone assembly features equipment attaching capable apertures while not reducing penetration capabilities. Harness quick snaps, anti slip seating areas, powder coated finish, chem. Light attachment lugs are just some of the features of this piece of equipment.Available in Safety Yellow and Special Ops Black.
 H20DHCDoubleHorseCollar H20HC
Horse Collar
An invaluable piece of equipment for anyone performing water rescues, the Randon Tech Horse Collar (Rescue Sling) is similar to previously used units with the exception of the fact that like all our products, it is designed specifically for AF and Special Ops use. Black in color, the secondary (double collar) is outfitted with Safety yellow identification strips and both units are equipped with grab handles, chem light mounts and adjustable straps.
 v-knifebag VB01
V-Knife & Splice Bag
Mounts to your H-60’s C-Pillar to hold your V-Knife & Splice kit for easy and quick retrieval.Tools not included.
RECS: Rescue Equipment Containment StrapThe RECS is a 2500 lb. rated quick release strap with a multitude of on board uses. It’s extra long length allows it to be able to secure items ranging from rescue ladders to forest penetrators to stokes litters. It utilizes heavy duty spring loaded snaps at both ends, adjustable in length and a quick release clip with a high visibility lanyard. Also, if not needed, the extra unused loose end of the strap can be simply trimmed off without affecting the integrity of the assembly. A substantial upgrade from  hardware store cargo straps.
SLRS: Stokes Litter Release StrapThe SLRS is a pair of quick release straps designed to secure your stokes litter against your aux refueling tank or elsewhere in your aircraft. They attach at the head and foot of the litter, are tensioned down through their adjusters and are able to be quickly released by simply pulling on the high visibility lanyards. They are rated at 2500 lbs.