ELDD ELDDThe ELDD is the standard nylon ladder detacher found in our ELD800PD family of rescue ladders. When ordering, be sure to state which aircraft and mounting configuration it is intended for.
 ULD025UniversalLadderDetacher ULD025
Universal Ladder Detacher

The ULD025 is a widely accepted ladder detacher with a 5000 lb. load rating. Able to be used with all our existing ladders, it’s most popular attachment is our TCL600 Cable Ladder. It is durably constructed of corrosion resistant materials and incorporates grease fittings to lubricate the internal mechanisms in order to cut down on maintenance time. The ULD025 is a very slim and compact unit that has also been used in cargo release configurations in cargo aircraft. This item is also one the products we manufacture that qualifies for our refurbishment program.

  SRD, SPIE Rig DetacherSpecially designed to allow you to jettison your SPIE rig quickly and safely. Hard anodized main body and stainless steel components allow it to be operated with confidence in corrosive enviroments. It utilizes a 3 point release and attaches to the Type IV link (not included). This item is load rated at 5000 lbs.
Universal Fast Rope Detacher
The DRD50 is a 5000 lb. load rated rope detacher designed specifically for the UH-1 aircraft but can be used with any hoist outfitted aircraft or ceiling ring. It utilizes a 3 point release procedure as in all our detachers and comes in a satin black powder coated finish. Extremely compact, it is less than 6” in length and weighs 3 ½ lbs.
 DRD60H-60FastRopeDetacher DRD60
H-60 Fast Rope Detacher

Designed to replace existing H-60 retractable bar rope detachers. The Randon Tech DRD60 incorporates a resistance free release design to eliminate a loaded ropes jamming effect when attempting to release a rope with the factory installed system. It’s rated at 5000 lbs., utilizes a 3 point release procedure and corrosion resistant material throughout to assure safe long lasting use.

 FREDFastRopeEmergencyDetacher FRED
Fast Rope Emergency Detacher
FRED retains the coiled stored section of your Drop Rope within your aircraft abling it to be kept off the floor while in flight and quickly released when your destination is reached. Infinitely adjustable, it’s ‘chute release clip is equipped with an easy to locate color coded pull tag. This strap assembly is load rated at 1750 lbs.