Ladders & Ropes


Floor Mount Nylon Rescue Ladder

The ELD800PD Rescue Ladder family is an item designed for air to ground deployment and retrieval. It is provided with our simple, dependable quick release mechanism which enables the ladder to be detached from the aircraft in the event of an emergency. The release mechanism operates by having the attachment pins mounted to a rotatable control shaft that is movement regulated by a ball-lock pit pin which creates a three step release procedure, preventing the shaft from accidental rotation. Features of the ladder include: lead weighted bottom rungs (5), heavy duty steel standoff top rungs, multiple mounting configurations, a polyfoam trailing tail for stabilization, our “Aero-Fold” main strap design and sturdy carry bag which also protects the unit from damaging UV rays. The units are powder coat and hard anodize finished throughout to provide years of dependable service. The standard 35 foot ladder weighs 43 lbs. and is load rated at 2500 lbs. They are available in lengths of 25 to 60 feet and with mounting configurations for ALL current aircraft models. For any squadrons currently using this equipment please refer to the accompanying photos and descriptions. These have been supplied in order to assist you in helping determine the age and condition of your current equipment as it has been brought to our attention that are units still in service that have exceeded their life expectancies.

AFSOC and NAVAIR Approved


The ELD800PDMC Nylon Rescue Ladder is identical to the other ELD800PD family of ladders but utilizes a specific Marine Corps adjustable detacher.

Ceiling Mount Nylon Rescue Ladder

By attaching to the heavy ceiling rings, the H-60 Ceiling Mount Ladder allows the cargo area of the aircraft to be more accessible for higher equipment carrying missions. It also benefits the climber as entering the aircraft requires minimal assistance. The side pull release mechanism is designed to prevent the operator form an accidental loss of balance when releasing a loaded ladder. The ELD800PD-60 incorporates all the same features as our floor mount models with the exception of the above changes. It’s load rating is also 2500 lbs. and it weighs in at 45 lbs.Side lever creates an inward movement for the operator upon releasing the ladder under load Cockpit area sub-ladder keeps climber in the upright position until fully above the aircraft’s floor.



The ELDCB is a replacement carry bag for our ELD800PD family of nylon rescue ladders. It is important that your nylon ladders are protected from the damage that UV rays can create so make sure each of your ladder units are always contained and out of harms way.


The ELDD is the standard nylon ladder detacher found in our ELD800PD family of rescue ladders. When ordering, be sure to state which aircraft and mounting configuration it is intended for.


The ELDSO16 is a 16” standoff assembly which can be inserted within the ladder as per customer request.


The ELDSO20 is a 20” connecting standoff which is offered as a replacement component for damaged OE units.

 ELD60CCeilingMountLadderConversion ELD60C
Ceiling Mount Ladder Conversion

A conversion service offered to be able to convert existing ELD800PD floor mount systems to ceiling mount operation. This conversion must be factory installed so please allow 30 days for modifications.

 Rivet Rivet & Webbing Detail Notice****ATTENTION****

Ladders must conform to this type of webbing and stainless steel rivet/washer assembly for live use.

Any ladders of alternate materials must be immediately pulled from service.

Cable Rescue Ladder


Stainless steel and hard anodized materials make our 60 foot Cable Rescue Ladder one of the most durable and dependable item in your squadron’s equipment inventory. It features a 5000 lb. load rating, 12” rung spacing, anti-slip rung surfaces and a non reflecting satin black finish. And when used with our ULD025 Universal Ladder Detacher, these features combine to create a state-of-the-art rescue system. As with our nylon family of ladders, the TCL600 also comes with sturdy, convenient carry bag.

AFSOC and NAVAIR Approved

Compact Caving Ladder

The newest addition to our ladder line, the LWCL Compact Caving Ladder is primarily for use in ship boarding. It is 30’ in length and utilizes the typical construction materials of all our cable ladder systems. Stainless steel legs, anodized aluminum rungs with anti slip surfaces and robust construction makes this unit a long lasting and dependable addition to your inventory.
It is bi-directionally designed, so no need to be concerned if you are grappling the correct end of the ladder and rolls up to only 8” in diameter when stowed. The ladder weighs only 5.6 lbs. And is rated at 1500 lb. safe working load limit (WWL). Like our other caving ladders, it is eye terminated at both ends to allow them to be adjoinable

Caving Rescue Ladder

Available in 30, 35 and 40 foot lengths.The CLST family of ladders is a lightweight cable caving ladder designed specifically for Navy Special Operations use. Equipped with Randon Tech’s usual features of black anodized aluminum rungs, Anti-slip rung surfaces and corrosion resistant materials throughout assures exacting performance and long life. Being only 6” wide and utilizing minimal construction materials, this ladder is the most compact and lightweight we produce. Available from 25 to 40 feet in length, it’s also equipped with eye terminations at both ends to allow them to be adjoinable.The load limit on these ladders is 3000 lbs. with a safe working load of 1500 lbs.. They weigh, depending on length, between 6 and 9 lbs.

AFSOC and NAVAIR Approved


Stainless Caving Ladder

The CLCG ladder is identical in to the CLST family of ladders with the exception that the rungs are stainless steel  and they do not have anti-slip grip tape applied to the footing surfaces. They have a brushed finish to still allow safe use and fulfill Coast Guard requirements. These units are also eye terminated at both ends ,rungs are 6” wide, have a 3000 lb. rating and are available in 30 to 40 foot lengths. The weight varies between 13 to 26 lbs.

Fixed Wing 40′ Escape Ladder

Fixed Wing 40′ Escape Ladder
A lightweight 40′ escape ladder designed for exiting large fixed wing aircraft such as the C-141 and C-5 with extremely high cockpits.
Stainless steel and aluminum construction with anti-skid traction tape on 12″ rungs make it compact, very durable and weighs less than 14 lbs.
Load rated at 3000 lbs., it will far exceed any use it is designed for and is upper eye terminated so a variety of attaching hardware can be applied to secure it to your aircraft.

Rolling Pulpit Ladders
Randon Tech Mfg. offers custom manufacturing of aluminum and steel pulpit ladders to your specifications.
Available for up to 16′ high, the choices are limitless for meeting your needs.
Contact us and our engineering team will create a design to accommodate your requirements